Coaching is a powerful, results-oriented process targeting a specific, juicy, motivating goal. It activates your hidden potential while deflating habits and beliefs that no longer serve you.

With coaching, there’s only one boss: YOU. Only you know the answers to the high stakes questions in your life. 

And that’s what we’ll uncover together.

My coaching process has four main steps:

  • CLARIFY:  Exactly what you want. And more importantly, why you want it.
  • EXCAVATE: Your reality today. What fuels to tap. What traps to dump.  

  • SLICE: Your big goal into motivating, realistic, bite-size chunks.

  • STRENGTHEN: The core skills and habits you need to get there.  


Unlike therapy, which journeys back to heal old wounds, coaching targets your present-future over a set number of sessions.

Results vary from person to person. But in general, you can expect to see changes rather quickly, as early as the first or second session.

The deeper work really begins though by session six after you’ve cleared the ground and tapped into your full power supply. That’s when you really pivot, focus and develop the momentum and habits to get you to your ultimate goal.

I’m a certified professional coach through Coaching Ways, an ICF and RNCP recognized international school in Europe.

My coaching combines traditional techniques (specifically NLP and transactional analysis) with creative tools (vision boards, coat of arms, life flow) to spice up the process.

I believe that hard work doesn’t have to be painful or predictable.

Expect to enjoy the ride as you get your best work done.