All of the boxes are checked. You’re great at what you do. You get accolades and promotions.

But hiding behind door #2, aka your gut, do you believe there’s a more fulfilled you? You’re dying to meet this fierce woman but she scares the hell out of you.

Ring any bells? It sure does to me.

This scenario has played out multiple times in my life. First it got me on a one-way flight to Paris from my native Brooklyn twenty years ago. Then to leave a full-time journalism gig to launch my own online publication. And after six years as a Marketing Director at Yelp, it inspired me to develop and strengthen my passion for nurturing people’s potential as a certified career and leadership coach.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by how people push past their fears and doubts to do amazing things. How they access that drive, focus and motivation.

That curiosity was my fuel as a journalist and trend researcher for ten years, and it defined my leadership style at Yelp. 

As a coach, it’s the full-bodied expression of everything I am and do best.

  • I’m super easy to talk to. There’s nothing I love more than making people feel safe, understood and laughing together with them. Often to the point of tears. I always wear waterproof mascara for that very reason.

  • I know how to cultivate leaders. At Yelp I hired several hundred remote workers and built a core team of celebrated (mostly women) community directors. By nurturing their individual strengths and creating a motivating, challenging environment for them to grow, they became role models throughout the company plucked to mentor, lead calls and pilot projects. I’ve learned so much from and since that experience, and I use it all in my coaching practice today.

  • I wear multiple lenses. My world is completely bicultural, down to the Parisian husband and the Franco-American kids. And that empowers my questioning. We’ll explore social and cultural traps that may be holding you back from multiple perspectives.

  • I'm a generous listener. My decade as a journalist honed my ear to listen between the lines and connect the dots to the bigger story: aka your goal within the goal.

  • I've been shaped by strong, inspiring women. I believe we need more positive female role models. My #1 objective is to serve women like you who are ready to step up and embrace the challenge.

  • I'm a natural community builder. I love connecting people and bringing new alliances to life. My clients benefit from the collective power of my coaching community.  

As your coach we’ll learn about that woman behind door #2.

What she wants.

What she dreams of doing.

The meaningful success she’s capable of.

What she needs to support her growth.

The deep fulfilment she’ll experience and the good she’ll do by sharing her power with the world.   

I’m already getting goosebumps.

Let's chat to see if we’re the right match to unleash the future You.