Vision Board Coaching Workshop

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A creative three-hour vision board workshop with a powerful coaching kick. 



Does this sound like you?

  • Your doubts are hiding your deeper goals and dreams.

  • You’re curious about coaching and want to know more.  

  • You value the emotional support of sharing with a group.

  • You like to roll up your sleeves and get creative.

  • You want some unique artwork for your walls that motivates you daily.

  • You like to jam out to Beyoncé and Mary J Blige while designing your future.


Well, you’re in luck because my group visualization coaching workshops are designed for you.


Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Create your own vision board. A mood board that unveils your hidden goals and desires. (All materials are included, you just need to bring three magazines that you're happy to rip apart).

  • Share your vision with others in a fun, supportive intimate group of max 8 people.

  • Identify potential professional and personal paths to pursue.

  • Connect with others on similar journeys and develop accountability teams.

  • Clarify concrete, motivating actions to take towards your most pressing goal(s). 

Super efficace, amusant, agréable et puissant, dans une bienveillance et une écoute sincère. J’ai pu ‘accoucher sans douleur’ d’une vraie piste. J’ai une vision plus claire, bien cadrée de ce que je dois faire maintenant.
— Elodie J, fondatrice Holissence, Paris
The vision board exercise feels like you’re having fun (Scissors! Magazines! Glue sticks!) but taps into your subconscious in way that is mind-blowing. In tandem with Zeva’s coaching, the pearls and insights emerge. She guides you, but the insights come from YOU. This was a powerful experience that helped me gain clarity on my yoga project and specifically my messaging. If you are looking to hire a coach in Paris I’d look no further.
— Elisabeth F, yoga entrepreneur, Paris
“I was surprised by how closely my vision board resembled me. It seemed like a crazy coincidence that there was so much perfect material (including phrases) in a pile of random magazines ! I loved seeing and hearing about everybody’s unique approaches and ways of thinking. Since the workshop, I feel somewhat sharper and more alert but also more in touch with myself. For me, personally, this experience was very emotional and got right to the heart of some deep stuff. ”
— Heidi M, designer, Paris
As an artist and creative freelancer, it’s not always easy being your own boss. There’s not always a lot of time to check in with oneself to think strategically about what one wants and how to get the ship moving in that direction. This workshop allowed me to carve out the time and have the tools to think deeply about what I want and what that looks like. There were 6 other participants at the table which was a powerful tool in witnessing the visions of the others and to validate my own desires when I presented my finished moodboard. I’d recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to move a project forward (personal or professional), but feels a bit intimidated by the process and logistics of making it happen. Thanks Zeva!
— Jessie K, author and illustrator, Paris

Dying to know what your future holds?

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Participants holding up their vision boards at Lili Barbery’s “Transformative Journey” @Seasonly, Paris (February, 2019)

Participants holding up their vision boards at Lili Barbery’s “Transformative Journey” @Seasonly, Paris (February, 2019)

Companies: contact me to create a workshop for your team.


Alice Béchir, Human Resources Stella McCartney France

“Cette expérience amène à une prise de conscience personnelle. Le partage avec le groupe est très bénéfique et bienveillant. Cette session peut réellement avoir un effet déclencheur. Organiser mon board m’a permis de prendre conscience de certaines choses – sur mes envies, mes moteurs. Je suis ressortie booster, très positive, et avec une grande motivation. J’ai enfin pu mettre les choses à l’écrit et je commence à me projeter.”