Team Unity

Beware of the chairs

Beware of the chairs

Chairs. They provide comfort. Security. A soft spot to land a tired tush at the end of the day. And if you work at a desk eight hours a day, they definitely know your butt better than you do. 

But they’re deceptive objects: they support us, but they also condition us. Leaving us a bit numb and indifferent to spontaneous opportunities and whims.

Did you know that the fewer chairs you have at a party the happier your guests will be?

I learned that at my previous job in marketing where we regularly hosted events for our community.

Events were the glue that kept our community close. Without them, the social seams that we worked so hard to build unraveled quickly. Needless to say, we became damn good at party-throwing.

As soon as we entered a venu we removed all chairs in sight. 

Stacking them up in closets, behind bars, under blankets, so that when the first guests arrived they they had no where to hide. (If you’re wondering, the second most important thing is to have the music playing by the time people show up. There’s nothing sadder than a music-less party, ami right?!).

Speaking of parties. I held my first little gathering for my coaching clients a few weeks ago. It’s been a dream of mine since before I became a coach to build a community of awesome, inspiring women.

5 Leadership Learnings From Didier Deschamps

5 Leadership Learnings From Didier Deschamps

My favorite moment from last night’s insane World Cup Championship Final was watching the French team hoist their impeccably-dressed coach and leader Didier Deschamps up in the air while squirting him relentlessly in the face with their squeeze water bottles. 


If that’s not a sign of love for your leader than I don’t know what is. 


During the entire Coup du Monde I’ve kept my eye focused on Deschamps (and Giroud and Griezmann, but for other reasons). 


I’ve been fascinated by his calm. His serenity. His determination. His focus. His humility. 


So in honor of Didier and all of the leaders who inspire their teams to grow and perform in outstanding ways, here’s my top list of 5 leadership learnings with action questions that you might want to try on for size to get your team to World Cup status.